When I’m Right I’m Right!

Sometimes doing the right thing is not doing the right thing. Life is so confusing, just like women are. Some things are right, but other right things override others. It’s not right to kill but sometimes someone has to do it. It’s not hard to tell you can just feel it when a right thing is right. And it sometimes goes beyond logic but you just know and you just can’t explain it. In such cases, do you listen to your head or do you go by what you know feel?

Joshua leading the Israelites to Canaan, I think.

Allow me to demonstrate using a bible story, that of the Israelites and the Promised Land. Not one of them had an idea where it was and what it looked like they just followed Moses. And Moses, with God’s guidance, led them to that land. When they got there they found other people living in it. I wonder, wouldn’t the right thing to do be to go find some other land because surely whoever was already living there got there first? I’m sure during that time there were other vast lands just as fertile and rich. But no, they knew that that land belonged to them, why? God said so. And I’m guessing they felt it inside that they belonged there. And what did they do? They didn’t do the right thing, but they didn’t do the wrong thing either. They did a RIGHT thing.

The above example serves my purpose perfectly. So you meet someone new and you like them right away. You get to learn so much about each other in such a short time because you are somehow always on the same wave length, for the first time you feel like you can open up to someone else so freely and willingly and everything else goes so fast but in a good way because that person makes you happy and comfortable. Nothing else in the whole world felt so right as the way it felt the first time you held each other, righter than the decision you made to get registered as a voter this year! Then you decide that she might be The One! The only problem is, you have a girlfriend… and you have no reason to dump her. You have history with your girl, you still love her. But don’t things happen for a reason? There must be something in the other girl, a reason why you met? You know it if you keep seeing her then things may go in too deep, too deep for you to get out of. Do you get rid of the new girl; is that the right thing because whoever is there came first? Or do you tell your girlfriend, “The Israelites are here and they want to take over this land because for some reason it was promised to them!” Answer me. Do you do the right thing, or do you do the RIGHT thing?

And what options does the new girl have? Is it the right thing for her to just back off because she learned of the ‘other people’ already living in the Promised Land? Should she say “The land is okay; as a matter of fact it’s perfect for me. But there are people stronger (in terms of history and emotional investment) than me living in it, I’ll just look for another land, thank you”. And she can’t just stick around either because she knows what will happen even though nothing at all has happened yet. What is the right thing to do?!! …and you only have one shot at it. Is God even concerned with such decisions that we have to make?


Change Is Good

New BeginningThe Sanctum is now The Synctum, simply to make it correspond with my username- Wyndago, and to distinguish it from the title of the previous blog. Don’t I feel so lost on this, so much like a virgin on the day… you know the rest of it. Yeah, I guess this is what that guy meant when he coined the phrase ‘getting out of your comfort zone’, but I hope to understand it all with time. Shifting to wordpress was just a thought, an idea. So one lazy afternoon I mentioned it on Twitter and the good friend of mine from this very side of the town of blogville, carolkmail replied to say it would be the best decision I made yet. That was when it happened. That is when it got registered on my mind that I was actually going to do it and here we are.

Am I loving it? Ask me again in two weeks. They say change is good. Well I like good things. I just want to write dumb things, but trust my blog friends to write some really educated comments. That is why I like my friends. I dedicate this to you. Lets all raise our glasses I have a toast to make. To new beginnings!