You know, sometimes I like it that I don’t talk much although sometimes that doesn’t work out in my favour. But don’t get me wrong, not that I care what you think about me, but given my previous posts and again by saying that I don’t talk much, one may easily mistake me for a very boring and sad person. Well, what can I say, I’m not. Oh, and I just remembered; when I was ten I transferred to a new school and I didn’t talk to many people in that school for a couple of weeks, you know, trying to get to know people. So one day one of my classmates whose name was John heard me speak, he ran up to me fast with his face lit up with amazement- you can talk! Poor guy thought I was dumb. I don’t know, maybe he was trying to be funny but I’m not, true story.

Small talk is particularly a challenge to me; it’s awfully painful for me just to indulge in it! Women are especially so hard to make a conversation with. To be honest, and this may sound like its coming from a weirdo, the most stimulating conversations I’ve ever had, I had them with myself. So I call my good friend Rebecca (Oh lord she better not find out I use her real name in my blog) to say hi, but I wish I stopped right after saying hi because I did the mistake of asking about how its going with this ‘bf’ of hers named Patrick: “A lot, Wyndago, there is another woman!” then I did a bigger mistake of asking how she found that out, “I was just hanging in the house, you see we had met in church that morning, I could read from the way he behaved that there was something… you see he had lied to me…” blah blah, she thinks I’m listening but I’m not. She won’t get to the point. My battery died before I got my answer, no kidding. I don’t know how true it is but it seems the lesser you talk the lesser you are willing to listen, okay that’s just me. Okay, I listen more… Rebecca I listen to everything you say, honey. Crap, she’s never going to find out about this blog. People who don’t talk much are mistaken to be good listeners and that’s sad because everyone tends to be dumping all their ‘humble’ opinions on me!

My first line in this post- I like that I don’t talk much, I didn’t say why. And no I didn’t forget, here is the reason; at work, boss doesn’t like a colleague’s way of doing things and starts to talk faeces (I’m anti four-letter words) about it with me, trying to win me over to his side. Colleague shows up and there is a confrontation, colleague comes to me in private trying to get me to support him. I act dumb, I mean I act a fool, like nigger what you saying? Kept nodding and shaking my head like I’m confused, then they get confused. Then I act dumb, I mean like I can’t speak and begin making funny gestures with my hands like I’m in a gang or something.

These guys are close to what I look like when I act dumb...

You see, I’m not a sad or boring person, if you gave me a chance and really got to know me I bet you’d like me. I really care what you think about me, forget what I said earlier. Would you like me if I talked more? Because you can just piss me off and I won’t be able hold my mouth, only its most probably going to be a rapid repetition of a certain not-so-pleasant word. Ha-ha, okay I’m just playing people… ahem, *wearing a straight face* no I’m not.