We are defined by our beliefs and principles. Well, yeah that’s cool but me I try to break down life into simple fundamental laws of living… but I came to realize that my rules have been wrong, or maybe I’m wrong again now but that’s not the point at the moment. So rap music brainwashed me and helped me adopt certain rules to dictate how I live. Have you ever done something and someone told you that you broke the unwritten code or rule… like when you date your friend’s ex? Yes, we all know that a no-no, or isn’t it? Anyway, I wondered why they (whoever they are) don’t write these things down to save us the all the confusion, I mean what’s the big secret about these things that nobody wants to write them down, constitution style, the life manual… for dummies. Don’t fret, people, that’s where yours truly comes in. I took the liberty to write you my version, which is now null and void since I break every rule in it until now I think the problem is not me but the rules, they are wrong! But I’ll share with you anyway and I’ll tell you the new rules also.

Receiveth it, now that it is written.

A Bitch Can’t Get A Dime Outta Me

So my boys are my people, they get money trouble and I sort them out ASAP if I can. I borrowed this rule from 50cent (the song P.I.M.

P). This is fake! I know I won’t at any given day call a woman to bail me out of a sticky situation if it had anything to do with money, but crap, spending money on women is the most fulfilling thing for me(n) next to having sex! Every time I went out clubbing and refused to pay for anything for a woman, I didn’t have ANY fun. So now I go by what Rick Ross said on that song This Is The Life- Whores want a slice, I want to tell em no, but I can’t, I get a rush blowin dou’. The new rule of I-get-a-rush-blowin-dou’

No Snitching

I still stand by this one. There are times I went down for other people’s mistakes, but because I hate snitches I take it like man and avoid becoming one. But hey, if I don’t like you, dude I’m bringing you down with me, just saying. Especially if it’s as serious as The Hague. For some reason this reminds me of Boondocks, snitches should be arrested!

A Prostitute Is a Good for Nothing Woman

You know that song that goes- what would you do if it was you, if you had kids and they hungry, blah blah… if it were me I’d get a real job! But having spent the last two weekends with prostitutes it came to my attention that prostitutes are people, people who have issues and emotions, albeit they know how to control their feelings better than an average woman. You can imagine my shock when a whore became jealous when I kept tweeting and talking on the phone with another ‘woman’ while in her company. And again, the same prostitute gives me advice and warns me against sleeping with whores. Women are generally nice creatures, prostitute or not. I still don’t approve of what they do as a way of earning a living, but they are people and not objects. In case you are wondering I didn’t sleep with any of them whores because of two reasons; one is because I don’t pay for pussy and the other is, you won’t believe this, they were more cautious to sleep with me than I was! They are so conscious of the possibility of catching diseases. but not all some of them, and those are whose story I want to hear so I hang around them to listen. I love beautiful women.

Me Not Pay For Na Pussy

You already know. I still stand by it 100%.

Save Save Save

Saving money is a wise thing to do, but I’d rather make more instead. Idle money does not help, let it flow let it go round, invest it, lend it, grant it, spend it! Trust me, I live better and save more not worrying too much about how much I spend. Now if I want it I get it. If I can’t get it, I’ll get it. Just you wait. I suggest you try this one.

Thou Shall Not Act on Thy Thoughts

I see a honey with a to-die-for booty, what do I do? I visualize my name tattooed on that ass, baby. As long as I don’t move from my position it’s alright, right? Wrong. Man, that thing is tricky. It’s a thin line between appreciating a woman’s beauty and lust. Hey, I’m single but still… Jesus said that that’s sinful, check your bible. Plus this rule is illogical, eventually you do what you think or thought.

Wyndago Is Enough

That’s for people who after knowing my name they ask what tribe I am. I become the idiot if I get offended by such an inquiry, why don’t I get offended if they ask about the type of music I like, it’s still about me? I will tell you what tribe I am, what you do with that info is beyond my control. But if you use it to stereotype me, you’re the loser! I don’t lose, and I refuse to run away from who I am. I’d rather be discriminated against for who I am than be accepted for who I am not. It’s a touchy subject, but for you sensitive people I think you need to stop reading this post from this point right here.

This here is the end, I guess that warning for sensitive folks should have come earlier in the post. There’s many more rules, im just tired and a little fed up, could that be the reason why these things aren’t written? Anyway, big up yourself if you make big money. Out.