Someone has to pay homage to the people who fought for our freedom, our independence. To this generation, freedom may just be a word but to the people who stuck their necks out for it, the people who shed their blood and even sacrificed their lives for it and ended up not witnessing it themselves, it meant a great deal. They must have anticipated the day we gained our independence almost like the second coming of the Messiah! The white man goes home and governance is left for us natives. We were born in a free state so we might not fully understand, they were not. How ironic that we- a free nation, now run back to the white man begging for aid, asking them to charge our ‘guilty’ citizens because we don’t trust the system that we set up ourselves. Asking for help isn’t a crime, it’s the reason behind it. Its commensurate with admission of failure on our part as a free nation. It’s like admitting to the whole world that we are corrupt and its beyond our help as a people. It is spitting huge sputum from the deepest part of our throats to the ‘freedom’ that our forefathers died for, the freedom that we now enjoy and take for granted.

This is not what freedom meant for them, I would like to imagine. How many things are you willing to die for in your life? That’s how important it was for them. Even during the colonial times, there were Africans who collaborated with the colonialists. They signed deals and made agreements with the colonialists. They held the argument that as much as the white man was oppressive, he built houses and roads and the black man had food to eat, were they the wise ones among the populous foolish ones who yearned for independence? But they were detested by fellow Africans and were considered traitors. How things change! Now, we reject our own government and trust the white man with our affairs and look with contempt anyone against letting the white man into our internal affairs. The white man speaks and we say yes. A fellow black man speaks and we can’t go without questioning his authenticity.

See, I have had this thought in my head long enough but I didn’t say anything until I had enough of it when a senior person in age, one that was born before independence commented upon hearing the news of Michael Joseph’s (a white person) appointment to the Kenya Tourism Board, he said that it made sense because ‘we’ wouldn’t trust a black person. He went ahead to say the colonial government was better. I’m not against the appointment of white people I’m just concerned about the reason behind it, the reason being that we either consciously or subconsciously worship the white man. We place the white man above us. By doing this we insult the efforts of the ‘stupid’ men and women who stayed up all night scheming and plotting to fight and bring to an end the rule of the white man over us as a people and a nation. Its telling them in their grave that they should have quit their barbaric plans and actions and stayed in their houses with their wives and kids, probably earn a living working in the farms of white men to feed their families. I think not. I honour those brave men and women! I salute them for their efforts and passionate desire for freedom, its because of that I’m able to be who I am now and who I can become tomorrow. They laid down the foundation for all the things that are possible for us today. Let us honour the freedom fighters in deeds. Let’s honour them by taking our freedom seriously as long as we have our own government in office.

Yes, we have corrupt leaders but they are our leaders, lets deal with them! We voted them in anyway. I can’t help but wonder, how can a foreigner have the best interest of another country in their heart. Ivory Coast is in turmoil, do you care? I don’t. Well, not so much. Its just something I hear on the news. Only them can save themselves. Only us can save ourselves from ourselves. I don’t expect any foreigner to care about us so much, unless there is something in it for them. But if they genuinely do, that’s great! God bless them… and us. God bless our country Kenya.


Dream of Nairobication

The Dream and The Reallity

Defination: The dream of taking whatever the city throws at you and transforming it into a great a success, the Nairobi way.

These are interesting times we are living in people and I’m thankful to be alive in this era. Its about time Nairobi we stood up and Nairobicate this nation. I’m talking taking action to improve ourselves and taking that first step now! I’m talking to this generation, my generation. Yes, the few rich run it but we own this nation! They didn’t teach us how to make it for ourselves but so we have to strive to learn for ourselves. Open our minds to the vast opportunities that stare at us in the face and just scream “fuck!” and grab that bull by the horn! They fed us with rigid thoughts and ideas that worked in the colonial times and inculcated it in our minds the notion that there’s no other way to do it. So they got us young people trapped in an intricate maze of confusion always wanting to do something but we spend most of our time thinking what it is we want to do! And seeking approval from the same people who spent most their lives religiously following a routine- a well outlined list and procedure of what they are expected to do, they didn’t have their minds jog. And if I learned anything from this charade of an education system is that you leave a body part without functioning long enough it will become dormant, the story of evolution so they must have become daft, and guess what? we inherit it. That’s what they taught me, is that what they taught you too? How lame.

Anyway, its time to get out of the cocoon and its already happening! Good news, that is. But more people need to join in in building the story of this dream, make a bigger dream with greater achievements. I was asked by a cool sister tweep @joliea: when does this dream of yours  cease to become a dream and instead a reality. And I explained, my dream, which I want to make it our collective dream as young people and to begin right here in the city I adore, does not end. Its an endless dream that becomes reality every second that passes by, but the dream continues to develop its story ahead of its becoming a reality. And it goes on and on, we can but develop the dream to become a great dream so that we can have the great reality that I presume we all desire for ourselves right here at home. So what do we have to do? I say let us all bring our dreams together to create a beautiful collage of dreams that we shall call the dream of  Nairobication. I dare to dream, dream large. Then act now! Tell someone about your dream and damn it make it happen! Just start. And if the stories of our dreams meet along the way they will compliment each other and blend. I shall support you and you shall support me.

I say stop attending seminars already, scheduling meeting here and there every now and then, haven’t you attended enough of those? Put them motivational books down  now, I see you all. I say stop giving yourselves those stupid excuses, its called procrastination. Any zone can be your comfort zone so get up. You want to feel important but that doesn’t help, pure talk. I’m that guy too sometimes I ask myself if you are so smart then why are so broke? I want to hear what your dream(s) is and I might share mine with you. Then we can act to make it happen for ourselves, and we will tell our grandchildren the story of how we first conceived the ideas that made us build something for ourselves, things they would by then also enjoy.

If you are brave enough, tell me what your dream is. I might also tell you mine and we can work to make one big happy dream reality. This is it.