To Worry, To Doubt And To Fear

Him watching from above

Everything has a purpose in life, I mean everything is and exists in its form the way it is for a purpose, nothing is by accident. That much I believe, but then what are mosquitoes here for? I don’t see why they shouldn’t be extinct these pesky little brats! Okay, maybe they are to control population, spreading that malarial pest. My wisdom is really failing me now, because I understand that worry won’t do me no good, so then why does such a feeling exist? Why are we as human beings prone to worry and to doubt and to fear? What is the purpose of these specific negative emotions? They have nothing to do with other people but we create them ourselves because of the circumstances that we find ourselves in. And its detrimental only to the bearer of these emotions. Oh, I don’t think I’m going to make it. I’m too weak, hold up a sec, what are people going to say? Just shut UP!!! This voice in my head just wont quit.

Where is the love? No, where is the faith. What’d Joel say, listen look, I mean look with your spiritual eyes, don’t be distracted by what you see with your physical eyes. That’s why we close eyes when we pray, Joel said to shift your focus from the size of your obstacles to just how mighty your God is. Joel, that preacher guy on TV. I like that guy, he gives me hope, he strengthens my faith. I may not have enough understanding but this much I know.

What we need to understand, and I may be wrong but I doubt it, that we are not of this world so lets not adopt everything we see and experience as all that there is! So there is a God, He doesn’t need us, we are of no use to Him, He just loves us for no reason at all, maybe because He is God so He just loves, or He loves us so He can be God, whichever. In the beginning, He got bored sitting by Himself doing nothing, then He said, “I’m bored, let us create something so we can have something to do” so “they” created everything. And He loved us, so if He does love us, would He leave us to suffer and to worry and to fear? No, He wouldn’t and He doesn’t. God is so full of Himself, He wants us to praise Him all the time! Likes to impress. That’s probably why we are here, simply to remind God that He is great, and to do it all the time! That’s it. That’s His entertainment, that will surely kill the boredom for Him. When He watches us suffer, that’s like His definition of a movie poorly done, like the director failed at ‘His’ job which equates to, not exactly boring but then it leaves God with nothing to do because God has nothing to do with any form of suffering… i think.

If we knew this, wait I’m coming to that. Picture this, God is sitting on His stool as usual watching us- His most precious creation, and He sees people suffering. Look, in Hollywood they say, what entertains the customer is blood so the violent the show the better; you think that’s what God is like? No. God says, play your part and let me play mine, don’t try to be me or you will fail! You praise God and He provides for you. Translation: stop worrying, and having fear and doubting God! Don’t even attempt doing it without God. Pay your dues, which you will never do in full but keep doing it. You can never get even with God. Nothing good happens without God.

If we knew this, we’d know that we are here to celebrate, life is a party ya’ll! When we are happy God is happy because He is the one who makes us truly happy. Then we thank Him. He is hip. He is within us so you can now scrap the image you have of Him sitting on a stool watching from above. Life is too simple for us to accept it as such, that’s why people suffer, but it has nothing to do with the Almighty. It all has to do with you, but I don’t know much and I unfortunately don’t understand many things , so I might be wrong. But again I doubt that.


Welcome To The Synctum

A guest post by a friend and writer of this blog, indulge:

Where Do You Prefer Your Thinking, Inside or Outside?

I know, playing host can be quite tricky especially when you are trying to make first impression yet suck at it. Hehe raise your eyebrows alright. This is how i create rapport, simple? Heloo people, they call me Lila Write aka @writel. I own a couple of zeros here and there but that’s for another day.

So wyndago asked me to do some writing for his blog, a sort of Welcome to 2011 note hence the title. Note to self: I pulled it off. Yaay! But that’s where it ends. Sadly. I mean the journey was terrible. I was confused, what to write? My aim was outside the box. I wanted to write a killer post with those heavy lawyer terms that give diction a run for its money. Wait, i didn’t tell you, I have a penchant for diction.

Cannot wait to meet yours. Oh well, don’t be awestruck just yet, we got a couple of paragraphs to go through. Here is where i tell you, think inside the box too… Anyway back to my reasonable summary of the whole predicament, I was sweating plasma, gazing at nothingness, scratching any head that cared to listen, tearing pages every single minute i sat down to write this, plucking off almost all of my hair (do not panic). Lets just say i developed thought block!

Went back to my corner of thoughts. Only thing on my mind was the BOX.
Yeah the box we refer to needs company too.. Kinda like the both of you need sometime alone. We have always expressed the need for thinking outside the box especially in tight fix situations. It is mostly assumed to be the bigger picture for sorting out the most complicated issues. Thinking outside the box has actually helped us to solve the most complicated puzzles. My question however is what of the unsolved puzzles? The ones we have graded outta control. Could they be just one of those simple puzzles that we have overrated or have no idea about them being simple? The ones you just cant solve according to you (and cant never did anything)

I do suck at giving examples so two would do. First of all, thinking that a friend is sending mixed signals. In other words, the friend is hitting on you according to his/her actions but does the contrary. Thinking inside the box would be first reading the signals correctly. How about he ain’t hitting on you after all. Just that you took his signals too far <to the outside of the box> and gave them the meaning that befits you! He likes a friend. Leave it that

Money gets lost in the office, you rush outside the box where you find yourself in an island situation. No one is willing to help you. You are aiming at all birds with one stone. You have that D.T.A code <don’t trust anyone> I suggest you  jump off your high horse. This is an inside job. Refer to G4S for more details..

My third by the way, You highly suspect your husband is having an affair. You just wait to meet the mistress in person <in action to be precise> and teach her a lesson. Like she’ll just sit there and watch you dent her face and all the censored places.. The plans you have for her! You even hired a mob.. Hey, ain’t you forgetting the man behind all this? Your Mr. Perfect must have a lot of explanation to do. Confront him, not her. But i have to warn you, he will always play victim. Otherwise analyze yourself. Either you have too many flaws or you lack something.

By the way, you guys should teach me how to finish a write-up. I suck at that too. Peace out.

Happy Synctum Day 2 Days Late!

A BIG thanks to @anyiko who inspires me a lot as a writer and as a tweep 🙂 and who is also among the other group of tweeps who have made me write this short post to celebrate The Synctum’s second year since it started. Thanks @writel @allure3k8. @writel I understand, but @allure3k8 how do you go asking for my blog’s url after all this time? Shindwe, hehe.
My friends in the blogoshere @joliea and @carolkmail you helped sustain this blog. Even though i’m sometimes lazy to write. You inspire. Let the celebrations begin!
The Synctum is Two years and Two days old today.