60 Seconds With Wyndago

What did you want to be when you were growing up?
To be honest, I didn’t know what I wanted to be. All I knew (still know) is that I’m special. Not normal special, I mean I-have-super-powers special. I like to tell myself I was raised by TV because first time I watched Spiderman, a while later a spider crawled on me and I just waited for when I started spinning webs, bending my hands and pointing it around and stuff. It didn’t happen but It didn’t stop there, I wanted to be Flash… then a character in Saber Rider cartoon and then I became a teenager and thought I look like Tupac. You can guess what that made me think realize; I can rap! So I started writing rhymes, I’m good at it too. Not me talking everybody told me. Oh and I haven’t told you about my powers, I can read peoples thoughts like Jane of The Mentalist. Don’t even get me started with the type of dreams I get. In my dreams I control the weather and all. I’m serious. So to cut the story short, I still don’t know what I am let alone what I want to be. All I know is I want to be rich and I want to be happy.

What’s the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

“Just make that first step, if you are afraid to fall you will never fly…”

What’s the best piece of advice you ever gave?
“Just relax man, everything will be okay… “ Its only life, right Shiko?

What do you most enjoy about your job?
My job? I guess that’s when people think I’m so important… and the going home part.

Who would you most like to have dinner with?
Wow, I was just waiting for when I was going to get to this question. I would like to have dinner with Curtis Jackson, I follow the dude on twitter, funny as hell and rich as f*ck! Living my life. I have a thing for rappers, most people just write them off as these ignorant bustards who won’t go for six seconds without saying a curse word (did you notice the rhyme?), but hey just ignore the bad words and listen to some, SOME of the things they say, makes a lot of sense. You just need to know how to separate the real from the unreal stuff, rappers are known to mix these things up. You ask them about it and they contradict themselves. Pretty much like how life is, if you cant do that, you’re favourite question to ask is going to be “what does that mean?”  And if you just asked yourself what I mean, well, there you go. I can’t help you.

Who is your role model?
I don’t have any but I have a few people I admire. One is Martha Karua. But I really think I need a role model, a mentor. I was thinking Alykhan Satchu, I think I sent him an email a while back and asked him. I didn’t get a response. But we are ‘friends’, met him a couple of times and talked though I don’t think he’d remember me. He’s funny I must say and… inspiring. And is it okay if I say I admire Jesus would like to be like Him? Yeah, I want to be where the saints are, akina Moses and the likes. I admire their courage to live a strictly spiritual life or something like that.

If you could be one person for a day, who would that be?
Julie Gichuru’s Husband, no doubt.



Negative Ethnicity

Im going to go right to the point, I don’t like the above phrase. Because people who use it really mean to say tribalism, and when they say “negative” ethnicity then its safe to assume that they also believe there is such a thing as “positive” ethnicity, which I believe is just an excuse of a word to justify some form of tribalism, especially when it favours them. Or they just use that to mean ethnicity in its real meaning. In my opinion ethnicity is just that, ethnicity. And its neutral, it cant be positive or negative. Follow me;

Tribalism, is a form of discrimination, it is sparked by hate therefore it is wrong. Patriotism on the other hand is the love for ones country and people, it does not discriminate its just love and pride in ones own country, its acceptable. Ethnicity is identifying with the people who speak your language and share your traditions, race and so on. Its not driven by hate (or even the slightest dislike of a certain people), so it cant be wrong, and if hate is involved it ceases to be ethnicity and neither does it become negative ethnicity, it becomes tribalism. Loving and being proud of your race is acceptable, and the word for it is NOT positive racism or whatever. Saying, I love you my black brother because I can identify with you is not wrong. But when you start hating other races and discriminating against them, that’s racism right there! And we all know there cant be anything like “positive” racism, you see my point?

Tagging the words “positive” and “negative” before “ethnicity” seems to me to allow or tolerate discrimination only up to a certain point and then it becomes wrong. Which to me is like saying, if it affects me then its wrong, if not, shit I don’t care ask someone else! I am proud of who I am in totality, that means I am proud of the colour of my skin, my parents, my tribe, my country… okay, I’m not so patriotic lets not push it. But I know you know what I mean.

So ask yourself, is it tribalism or is it just negative ethnicity?

Just a thought.

I’m Scared of Love

The Symbol of Love

Ladies and gentleman, its the month of love so allow me to talk about love for once. About my relationship with love, and I don’t just mean love, I mean romance and all that mushy stuff. I love love. I yearn for that feeling. Its a truly heavenly feeling to love and be in love. But I can’t. See, I love women. No not like that, I mean like… sigh, women are nice. The best things ever done for me and to me were done by women. But I can’t seem to fall in love! I’m scared to love because sometimes I tend to think I don’t know how to express love beyond just words so I bail. I will share a few things about love that I have learned, you can’t choose who to love. And you may not necessary fall in love with someone you really really like. And I had to go through many screw ups before I came to terms with this. I mean, just because she’s cute and you had the best time together and had stimulative conversations does not mean ya’ll can hook up!

Me, I think with my brain and not my heart and that’s the problem I think. I cross the items on the checklist and I find everything there but still I don’t feel for the woman what my mind tells me I should be feeling. A couple of days later the whole thing fades away because the routine becomes strenuous to me and I just suddenly drop the act. Yes, that’s what it becomes for me- a strenuous act! But I genuinely like the woman at the beginning. When I call her its because I know that that’s what I should be doing, that’s what people in love do. Not because I want to call.

Then I end up feeling sad it had to end like that without a reason, so from now on I don’t like to lead women on regardless of how much I may like her unless i’m pretty sure, which I have never been. It doesn’t mean much, the liking. Just be friends, yo. If you want to have fun then lets have fun, just don’t be mad at me when i’m on to the next. Hehe, no I didn’t mean it that way I’ve just always wanted to say that line.

But yes this young boy has had the privilege of experiencing love. Oh, love is beautiful! Strange how the word taste sweet in my mouth when I say the word cuz I’m not such a big fan. But who knows maybe its because its Valentine’s month! Sadly though, both times I fell in love did not last long. But they felt good while they lasted. That recent one, she just woke up one morning and said “I don’t think we should see each other anymore” and I never saw her again til today. Ain’t karma a bitch! We used to bump into each other when we was cool, now we don’t! And no she didn’t give me a reason. But I know when I love a woman, I don’t tire to call. I don’t see her text messages as a bother. I always want to hear her voice, I smile as I pick up her call. Gee, can’t I get a Amen?! That’s what I’m talking about, I’m talking about LOVE!

The woman who will love me will have to be very patient with me. Correction; I know how to love I’m just scared to. Because I’m not only concerned about my feelings but hers also. How do you tell someone, “you know what? This ain’t working. Holla!” and walk away? How? Okay I know how but can people do that?!

This Valentines? I don’t know, I want to celebrate. Go out for a date or something. Its not my kind of thing to go out on an official date, most dates I go to I don’t know they are dates until its over! I already know who I’m going to take. I’m not in love with her but I really really really like her! Wish me luck.