This is my 101st post and these are my five links. Every blogger is doing it and so am I. I tagged myself.

Most Popular Post

Judging by the number of hits it got, it has to be the recent post I wrote on Rose Nasimiyu, Hats Off For Nasimiyu. This post has attracted more than 600 hits and counting, thanks to google searches, linkbacks and the little girl’s sudden popularity.

Post That Didn’t Get The Attention It Deserved

I don’t know, maybe The Dream of Nairobication? I wrote that from the heart. Usually I prefer to write with a clear head, so that’s perhaps why I desperately wanted this post to be read by many. But it wasn’t.

Post Whose Success Surprised Me

Without a doubt that’s How Safaricom Almost Conned Me. When I moved to WordPress from Blogger, most of the comments on my posts got lost so check it here to read the article with all the comments. Comments kept coming even months after I had posted it.

Most Controversial Post

I do not like controversies so this is tough but if I have to choose, then this is the one- Letter of Apology

Post I’m Most Proud Of

I’m proud of many of my writing. Again, if I have to choose then- Metal Breaks. People who read it said it made them ask themselves questions, which was my intention- to make the reader see themselves in the story. I think I delivered the message effectively too. Though I’m not quite sure what that message is, it depends on the reader. Read it yourself if you’re curious.

And those are my five links.



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