When God Interferes

If there exists anything as a tussle between the almighty God and the devil over who wins over the most souls then God is not playing fair, and it’s all to our advantage. I used to think; well God did His part- he created everything, now He seats back in His throne watching down over us waiting for judgement day to unleash His wrath upon those who sin against Him. But the choice to do good or evil is entirely upon us, yet sometimes we do that we which our hearts do not desire to do just because we are entrapped in sin (the work of the devil perhaps), right? And sometimes God gets sick of it and can’t take it anymore so he swoops in and delivers us from evil, if you are willing. And that’s when I see the devil crying foul rushing before God’s presence like- he was totally going to give in to the temptations if it weren’t for your meddling, it’s not fair! Didn’t you give them freewill?

If God were fair… to the devil, He wouldn’t have sent His only son to die for us (if you believe in the Bible like I do) and we would all go to hell! Frankly, I think that’s what sinners deserve, I deserve hell but God said no! I’m going to make a way for Wyndago to be redeemed, I can’t let him go to waste. And why? I have no desire to understand it further than to just know that He loves me, period. Of what use am I to God? Ptch, I have been redeemed and there is way for me to be made pure of my sins, that’s all I need to know.

God interfered in my life, He probably has many times but this time I was conscious about it being the hand of God at work. I was ensnared by the devil and right when I was about to give in the fight He showed- true story. He said, you need to think this through and come back to your senses, you’re only going to hurt yourself and I’m not going to be there for you when choose to go down that road, kinda like what He did with Saul, I mean Paul… the guy who killed Christians, that one. Then the devil went like “arrgh, drat, not again! Are we having a contest or not?” Thank God we are not Job, that man had it bad.

I apologize for going all church on you on this one, but it is what it is. There is only one way to live, the sooner you find out how the better for you… forever. Or maybe I shouldn’t be sorry for this, okay I am… probably, maybe.