Case 1

“Yo, I’m broke”

“Yeah, so?”

“I need your help, homie”

“I’m listening…”

“Lend me some cash”

“I don’t think I have enough to lend you any, though”

“Alright, try borrowing some for me, man!”

“Now look here, bro. I really feel you in your brokeness. But I can’t make your problem mine, you’re problem is yours, embrace it!”


Case 2

“Where’s my rent you tenant”

“I got right it right here my landlord”

“Very well then, hand it over”

“There you go, my guy”

“But this is half you punk!”

“Yeah, my wife gave birth you know”

“Well my wife didn’t, so what?”

“Ummm, can’t I get respite this month?”

“Yes, if you don’t mind living on the streets! You got problems, not me. It’s about time you embraced them!”

ImageCase 3

“I’m so hungry man”

“Me too”

“We should go rob somebody”

“Like who?”

“What typa of question is that?

“I’m sorry.”

“Those fools are going to get it now”

“Yeah, that’s for sure”

“Let them make it, we’ll take it”

“We do this because we have problems, yeah?

“Because we’re hungry, fool! We need to eat”

“Ain’t that a problem?”

“Shut up. All I know is we are a big problem to them now! If they didn’t have any, we’ll be bringing them a hell lot of it. Let’s hope they embrace it!”


*Fist Bump*




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