My Five Links

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This is my 101st post and these are my five links. Every blogger is doing it and so am I. I tagged myself.

Most Popular Post

Judging by the number of hits it got, it has to be the recent post I wrote on Rose Nasimiyu, Hats Off For Nasimiyu. This post has attracted more than 600 hits and counting, thanks to google searches, linkbacks and the little girl’s sudden popularity.

Post That Didn’t Get The Attention It Deserved

I don’t know, maybe The Dream of Nairobication? I wrote that from the heart. Usually I prefer to write with a clear head, so that’s perhaps why I desperately wanted this post to be read by many. But it wasn’t.

Post Whose Success Surprised Me

Without a doubt that’s How Safaricom Almost Conned Me. When I moved to WordPress from Blogger, most of the comments on my posts got lost so check it here to read the article with all the comments. Comments kept coming even months after I had posted it.

Most Controversial Post

I do not like controversies so this is tough but if I have to choose, then this is the one- Letter of Apology

Post I’m Most Proud Of

I’m proud of many of my writing. Again, if I have to choose then- Metal Breaks. People who read it said it made them ask themselves questions, which was my intention- to make the reader see themselves in the story. I think I delivered the message effectively too. Though I’m not quite sure what that message is, it depends on the reader. Read it yourself if you’re curious.

And those are my five links.



Top 5 Kenyan Bloggers Who Inspire(d) Me

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I read a number of blogs but I must have a very short attention span because the ones I go back to are few so if you capture my attention there is something you are doing right for me. As a result I keep reading the few blogs again and again until I stumble on another ‘interesting’ blog to add to my blogroll. Now, there are many excellent Kenyan bloggers out there, I salute them all.. but this is the story of my journey down the road of blogging and the good blogs I have stumbled upon along the way. And also I’m too lazy to search for good if not better blogs to read, I depend too much on chance to find those.

1. Anyiko

Anyiko’s writing makes me tic, takes me to different places and evokes different emotions in me as I read. And she has managed to be consistent in having this effect on me. Always leading me to want to write some more… to write better. I have once borrowed one of her blog posts and had it posted on my blog here (of course with her permission) and part two of that post here. I liked the post so much I wrote my version here. So when it comes to inspiration, she is at the top on my list.

I’m an avid writer, words mean a lot to me and Anyiko knows how to use words, making your mind stretch and twist in ways that you didn’t figure possible. To add to this she is also very prolific, something I am not. Envy that.

2. ShikoMsa

One part of the duo (you’ll find out who the other part of the duo is, read on) that welcomed me to the universe of blogging this one. I like how she tells her stories, and how she makes her arguments. Her blog has always been nice to look at and always has the most appropriate photos for her posts, very neat. She’s unique like that. I also like how she writes about things that are specifically Kenyan and sometimes.. Kikuyu. Like the gizzard story here, it stuck on my mind that one.

3. Mama

The (d) in inspire above was put for her sake, she seems to have vanished but a part of me wants to believe that she just moved to a new url that i do not know of. She is the other part of the duo I talked about above.

4. Ourkid

He also doesn’t blog nowadays but his presence is still felt from the comments he makes on blog posts. Brutally humourous! Also one of the first bloggers I read. I just don’t know how he did it, he made me literally laugh out loud with his writing, something not so common with most writers. Mostly I giggle or smile at funny pieces of writing. I hope he writes again soon.

5. Bikozulu

A great story-teller with a wide readership. His writing is the type I’d be willing to pay for. Also funny in a clever way. I don’t even think myself fit to write about his writing, he is of another level. I rarely leave comments on his blog because I think he gets enough and someone is most likely to have spoken my mind for me but I always read through the long but captivating posts. It’s always a pleasure.

There, that’s my list. These are the blogs whose url’s are etched in my mind. I visit their blogs anytime anywhere. If you are not on my list don’t fret, I’m most probably not in yours. Again, these are the 5 blogs I most cherish… there are many a few more.

Soothe My Guilt

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A mother gave up her daughter for adoption right after birth because she couldn’t take care of it. She had the baby at 14. Daughter lives most of her life resentful of her mother for giving her up and in an attempt to bury her grief she puts all her mind in her academics and career and excels. Mother lives most of her life with guilt and to ease it off she frequently writes her daughter letters that she does not send and also quietly celebrates her birthdays, a daughter of whom she didn’t know the real name. That is part of the story of the movie, Mother and Daughter. Seems like most of my inspiration comes from movies recently but oh well. I’m somehow itching to tell how it ends but I don’t want to spoil it for those who would end up watching it.

I have a friend, lets name her Julie. Our relationship keeps oscillating between the statuses of friends and non-friends so it’s not even appropriate for me to call her a friend right now, our relationship pendulum points at the non-friends side. The reason; I said an insensitive thing that I shouldn’t have. I’m sorry for it but that’s not my point. The point is I miss her and I have borrowed the mother’s way of dealing with guilt albeit with slight modification. I have decided that I will keep sending my ‘friend’ texts letting her know how I’m doing and what I’m up to every now and then but not expecting any response. That way, my screwed up self thinks that I’ll be paying for my baloney but she won’t have to. Its crazy but I want to pay the price. If I can have my cake and it too then why not? Unless she warns me to stop. I coincidentally loooove cake, I thought I should mention.

Anybody out there suffer from guilt? I can help you soothe it or better yet, get rid of it. Here are my theoretically awesome but practically unproven pointers on how to deal with it.

Strategy No 1: Simply Forget

As Swahili wise men once said; bury it in the grave of oblivion (my translation is accurate, eh?), whatever it is that makes you guilty . Yes, brainwash yourself and allow yourself to undergo selective amnesia BUT, and this is the catch, while applying this strategy never under any circumstances should you apologize! This works well with dudes, just walk up to the guy whom you wronged and start talking like everything is cool between the two of you. He will thank you for it! I don’t know about other men but I find it disturbing for another man to apologize to me. My long time friend tried it on me the other day and I couldn’t kill the conversation any faster. Like; “I know it was my fault and I shouldn’t have done that and I’m very sor…” Dude! Its OK! I don’t even remember what you did.

Strategy No 2: Make It Right

This is where you need to know your flowers, what each colour means. Buy yourself some gifts, pamper yourself.. or sometimes them. If you killed someone (a little extreme I know), make it your business to save lives, trust me it helps. If you were caught cheating with your best friend’s wife, you can let them have yours… kidding lol XD. You generally get my point, you can make your bad deeds seem less deplorable by doing a few good ones. And you have to work hard at convincing yourself that they are. I prefer people to apply this on me, just buy me cake and we are fine.. not less than a kilo, did I mention that I like cake? I like them with lots of cream.

Strategy No 3: Find An Outlet

My first year in high school I was a depressed kid, if it were not for writing I would have exploded or something. It’s the same with guilt, find an outlet. This is best suited for those things you do or don’t do and are not proud of, things that are undoable, like not telling a loved one that you love them enough times, then they die on you. I’m sorry, my examples are just tragic but did the message hit home? Oh, like Jay-Z bought his nephew a car and the nephew died in the same car in a road accident, then he felt guilty like he played a part in it. Such stuff. Find an outlet, for Jigger it’s music. Find yours, it could be boxing.. whatever.

Three is my magic number and my word count is way beyond the minimum that I set for myself for each post so… I end it here. Until next time.

Kenya The Mob

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“I’m not being negative, I’m just positive that you’ll screw up!”

-A quote from the movie Fast5

The Mob

We are a mob, that’s what we are us Kenyans. In most things we do including how we think, it has become a part of us to the point it drives us into having latent fears of being ‘lynched’! When engaged in arguments, the mentality is always who wins and not what’s best. The new constitution for example, dare question it and you are an anti-reformist, case closed *bang!*.  That’s just one example and I choose to leave it that, you can spot other examples by yourself if you live in Kenya and are keen enough. 99.9% of the times I correctly predict the outcome of news opinion polls. Now, either I’m just too smart which I doubt, or we are too predictable because we are scared of being in the losing lot and care so much about being ‘right’. A more saddening thing is that we are not so accommodating to people of different opinion, just to put it mildly.

In a totally unrelated issue, I recently read- more like tweavesdropped (eavesdropping on twitter), on two tweeps arguing on a very tricky matter. The subject at hand was the refugee crisis at the Dadaab camp here in Kenya where there are many starving people, Somalis and Kenyans alike. One person commented that if the Government of Kenya had taken any relief food to that part of the country, then starving Kenyans should be given precedence over the foreigners. A few people didn’t take this comment so well. I just enjoyed the exchange of tweets that ensued. I would like to hear what you think.

But Kenyans are my people. I’m behind all my Kenyan people. Our leaders are all good, not perfect but they are all good. The education system could improve but at least we have schools. Super highway on Thika Road didn’t come by itself, my Kenyan leaders made it possible. We are among the first African nations to have fibre optic, we have a new constitution that’s all-inclusive… who did that? That was my people! Touch one of my people and see me get all crazy, we the mob! lol.

Back to planet earth as if I didn’t mean a word of the previous paragraph, no secret that it’s an unpopular opinion that our leaders deserve credit for anything. So either of two things may happen; I’ll have to face the wrath of the mob and be verbally lynched in broad daylight for taking the side of the enemy who for years has imbibed funds from the public coffers for their own good or I’ll not be taken seriously enough because it’s just too ridiculous it only deserves a good laugh. Either way, I’m just trying to be positive for my people! Is it wrong for me to attempt being positive that my leaders are positive enough to make positive decisions, execute positive actions that will have a positive impact on the rest of us? Is that wrong? Well, let me get back to my sleep and dream because I refuse to be ‘right’.


The Mob.

Hats Off For Nasimiyu

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One thing that is evident in my posts is that I am not a story teller, or not a good one at least. So while writing this I’m have a heated debate in my head as to whether or not I should be considerate enough to retell the story of the nine year old Kenyan girl who suffers from cancer, for the sake of readers who don’t know who she is. Oops, I have pretty much told it anyway. Her name is Rose Nasimiyu, undergoing chemotherapy treatment for her cancer, amazing, amazing girl I tell you. She was speaking with Jeff Koinange on K24’s Capital Talk about her status and how she copes with it. Okay, lucky for you uninformed readers the good people at K24 uploaded the videos on Youtube and here is part one of four parts, you can get the rest on youtube, just search for her name.

As soon as Nasimiyu’s story was aired, tweeps (people on Twitter) started tweeting about her story, it was all good. Until people started tweeting pity tweets and others started campaigns under her name- lets save Rose Nasimiyu and whatnot. This response bothered me a little. It’s like they didn’t watch the interview at all. If you are observant enough you will catch the quizzical facial expression on little Nasimiyu’s face when Jeff Koinange asks if she feels sad about having to ‘suffer’ when she is so young? And when Jeff goes ahead to tell her that there are probably countless viewers crying because of her story, she asks “why?”. To her she’s not really suffering, she is simply met with a challenge that she has to overcome! Don’t make a good thing bad by trying to make the kid believe that what she is going through is tragic, it might be but you don’t want her to feel that way! Her parents taught her different. Looking at her, I think she believes she is fine. She told her mother she’ll be fine… on air.

Rose Nasimiyu is selfless enough to go ahead and talk about other children who have cancer, clearly stating that she is better off, there are one year old’s with cancer (I don’t know how true that is, her words. Look, I’m quoting nine year old’s now). She made an appeal to the viewers and the leaders of the nation to help people like her. She didn’t say “help ME”, she said “help US”! And that is what is great about her! But most people are foolishly distracted by her courageous nature and wisdom (yes, for a nine year old I think she is wise) and put all the focus on the person and do what would be least helpful or even detrimental- feel sorry for her. Be moved, be touched, adore her, send her donations if you can but not pity. She is better than that in my opinion. And that is what we should teach all other kids- to not focus on the problem but the solution. Let’s focus on God. Lets feel and live like we are healed even when everything else reveals to us the contrary. Rose Nasimiyu is an exemplary child even to adults. We all could learn something from her, I know I have.

Rose Nasimiyu came to us with a message, let’s listen to what she has to say. My plea is that we start doing something to help, not Nasimiyu alone, but let’s help everyone like her, in every way we can. Especially those who cannot afford cancer treatment. If we believe in Nasimiyu’s story, then we shouldn’t let it all be in vain. Let’s not wake up tomorrow having forgotten what the message was.

Metal Breakes

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I read an interesting book a few years ago, a whole publication dedicated to illustrate how poverty eradication, not mitigation, is feasible. I cant remember the title nor the author, you might find that weird but that’s me. I remember faces not names, I remember the ambiance not the name of the place, I remember the story not the narrator, I might remember the meaning of a word but not the word itself… I could say my brain registers names in the RAM. Anyway, this book may as well have been written by a dreamer. It really stretched my imagination almost to breaking point, a full stretch I tell you. Imagine a world where everyone had a little more than enough! And that day could be today because there is enough wealth for everyone today it just doesn’t go around, according to the book.

So why am I writing about a book I read years ago today? It’s because I was watching this TV show that I happen to like, it’s called Fairly Legal starring the beautiful but sadly married, Sarah Shahi. It’s a great show I won’t delve so much into what its about, but its basically about an ex-lawyer turned mediator who was fed up with the legal system and its bureaucracy, the part that is played by Sarah Shahi. The character elucidates her shift in career choice by stating that in a court of law, there is a winner and a loser but in mediation, everybody wins! And sure enough in every dispute of every other episode of the show, is a bunch of winners with big smiley faces in the end. Naturally this raised the question in my head, can everyone win all the time? That’s how I remembered about the book written by a dreamer. I posed the question to myself, I don’t know is all I came up with. Other similar or related questions would be, can tribalism die in Kenya? Can corruption in its entirety end?

When I was a child -and I had a fun-filled childhood, a curious lad I was- I used to think believe that anything made of metal was unbreakable. One day I was swinging on a metallic chair and my mother kept warning me that I was going to break the chair or my bone, I said to her, but it’s made of metal! Well, that chair didn’t break but I later came to see a broken metallic chair and that was mind boggling to me at that tender age. Moral of the story: even the hardest of things do break. I mean, dinosaurs became extinct, how? How does a whole specie just die out? And we could lose cheetahs and elephants too. Can we do that with the specie of tribia corruptica? You cannot write off some of these ‘radical’ ideas as pure dreams or as being merely utopic, can you?

If you have an answer for any of my questions please feel free to share, along with a logical reason.

An Open Mind

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The ultimate form of open mindedness is uncertainty, in my opinion, perhaps it’s why Socrates in all his wisdom reiterated that if there is anything he knew it’s that he knew nothing. Resolute behaviour can be limiting to an individual’s thinking, obscuring the vast possibilities that there are. These are just thoughts so keep in mind I could be wrong.

You want to know what triggered this thought trajectory? Well, I’m in a bank waiting to be served and I’m next in line to the cashier. Gentleman at the counter asks the teller for his ID card, teller politely says she doesn’t have it and that she has already given it to him and asks him to check himself. Gentleman takes a quick peek into his wallet almost as if just for show and with a conviction that I find no words to describe (and I paused to think what I can compare it with, creativity lacking perhaps), he stares through the glass at the teller and tells her that she can take her time and look for his ID because she still has it and had no doubts about it. Long story short; he was right! After a few moments of searching the teller came up with the gentleman’s ID, I just found that astonishing! To see how sure he was that he was right, that is.

Put me in the same situation and I wouldn’t have been too sure as to who had the ID. Many possibilities, I would have been thinking; maybe she has returned it to me but I didn’t see it and it dropped on the floor, am I stepping on it? Or I forgot that she has returned it to me and it’s in my pocket. Or a third party took it, or she still has and doesn’t know… you get the point. I would have been comfortable for me to do my search as she did hers. And that is how I view things, nothing is impossible and there is not much that I’m sure of.

Holding on to a belief as the absolute truth may sometimes make one lose out on better things, I read somewhere that wise men change their minds. I want to believe it’s because they keep learning new things and adapt to them. What I’m saying is believe what you believe while invariably anticipating a new truth that will override the current one because you will have gained more insight that you lacked in the beginning. You can’t be too sure that when you throw a stone in the air, it will come back down. But for now that is true because we don’t know anything beyond that. Uncertainty will render you curious and tirelessly seeking for the real truth. Uncertainty is crossing boundaries. Can I be president of this country? I don’t know, and because I don’t, what do I do? I find out by trying to become one. CJ Willy Mutunga had probably asked himself, “are they going to let me in with my stud?” He didn’t know so he went ahead to find out. Now we all know.

Be careful though, I have learned first hand that uncertainty coupled with poor memory can land you in major trouble! I said its crossing boundaries but sometimes you can go in too far, a statement that kind of abides by the theme of uncertainty, hehe. I’ve had my things borrowed and not get them back, I’ve had to pay things I wasn’t sure I owed, hell I sometimes look at my parents funny like what if I was an adopted kid? You can’t be too sure, right? Lol!

Will You Marry Me?