No Secret

There is a reason why we act the way we act when we react to actions when we actually reenact what we saw, thought or the notions we received telepathically. So by default it’s not your fault when you fall, its only nature taking its course. Freewill is a recourse few are willing to call on, choosing to adopt opinion and thoughts already thought up. It makes me sick to my stomach to encounter a rigid and stiff thoughter, no I mean thinker, who embraces his ignorance as the truth and accepts mediocrity as the real. Feel? I mean you feel me? Put yourself under the lens, identify the disease-causing germs then seize them by the arm, excuse me, by the erm… just seize them ‘fore they harm you! I act the way I act because I think the way I think, so I chose what to believe but yet I seek more to believe in. I’m cautious as I live, I’m courteous to my peers, I’m counting down my years, I’m reckless and sincere, but imperatively I am here!

Less stress my code, no worries ’bout nada shit pays a visit I let it talk to my God. That’s my lawyer my all that takes care of my living, if I need something it’s no problem at all. I don’t know the whole truth yet though, I handle one day at a go. Until that day when I have I have to go. I gave sacrifice of half a goat, the skies opened and it poured, had to build a boat. This is not your regular post this is a poem written in continuous prose. Now you see me now you don’t, that’s The Synctum‘s blog. I take a break but bounce right back in it.

I feel restless now that I’m all lawyered up, I just set the ladder against the wall. What’s breaking a couple of laws and having a few records? Flying without wings and being the first to do it meanwhile the devil heckles. A free spirit, happy-go-lucky individuals that won’t take no for an answer. We are not go-getters, we just show up to receive, no secret. I’m just part of the team so I play my part. I sit and wallow in my thoughts for hours thinking about how this whole world is ours. How lives are just like smoke when they fast disappear in thin air, does it make any sense?

That hard-headed maverick, screw what you thought.