Your Problem Is Yours, Embrace It!

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Case 1

“Yo, I’m broke”

“Yeah, so?”

“I need your help, homie”

“I’m listening…”

“Lend me some cash”

“I don’t think I have enough to lend you any, though”

“Alright, try borrowing some for me, man!”

“Now look here, bro. I really feel you in your brokeness. But I can’t make your problem mine, you’re problem is yours, embrace it!”


Case 2

“Where’s my rent you tenant”

“I got right it right here my landlord”

“Very well then, hand it over”

“There you go, my guy”

“But this is half you punk!”

“Yeah, my wife gave birth you know”

“Well my wife didn’t, so what?”

“Ummm, can’t I get respite this month?”

“Yes, if you don’t mind living on the streets! You got problems, not me. It’s about time you embraced them!”

ImageCase 3

“I’m so hungry man”

“Me too”

“We should go rob somebody”

“Like who?”

“What typa of question is that?

“I’m sorry.”

“Those fools are going to get it now”

“Yeah, that’s for sure”

“Let them make it, we’ll take it”

“We do this because we have problems, yeah?

“Because we’re hungry, fool! We need to eat”

“Ain’t that a problem?”

“Shut up. All I know is we are a big problem to them now! If they didn’t have any, we’ll be bringing them a hell lot of it. Let’s hope they embrace it!”


*Fist Bump*




Try Being The Government

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Court of ArmsActually someone did try to play government. There was a drought in Kenya in 2011 and the media didn’t spare us the saddening experience of having to watch image after image of undernourished children and old people. It’s almost enigmatic to me how I didn’t see any youth in those images, a little voice in my head tried to convince me; those are not old people, what you are seeing are the effects of hunger. Nevertheless it was sad. The government was slow to act so a group of people decided they should do something to bring Kenyans together and do what the government won’t do- get food and water to the affected people in a timely fashion. A noble cause, it must said. Not to be condescending but those people will tell you today that its not easy acting the government in these here parts because they were not exactly 100% successful in their mission. About a week ago, tons of food was set ablaze because it went stale sitting in a warehouse somewhere, and before that some of the foodstuff was deemed unfit for human consumption so it had to be recalled. It didn’t stop there, some unscrupulous individuals were caught stealing some of this relief food for resale! It begs the question, how much money eventually went to waste?

It must be frustrating for the government when it gets bombarded with criticism from its citizens from every possible angle, I imagine. Sometimes the criticism is justified but sometimes it’s unfair. Challenges are challenges, and they are impediments even for a government- people stealing, poor roads, high cost of living, lack of funds etc. For an African nation, we have a good government! Be my guest and check other African countries, its only right for us to see the good (and there is no shortage of goodness) in our government and give a little respite for just a moment. I can’t help but wonder, why didn’t anyone go up in arms over the spoiled food (except for one angry tweep whose probably searching for any Red Cross worker to do them who-knows-what), that wasn’t tax money, should it not have been more enraging? Or did it have to be the government for people to consider it a wrong? Sometimes when things go awry, its no one’s fault. And sometimes it’s our individual faults.

The total amount of money that was raised by Kenyans was nearly a hundred million Kenya Shillings (or one billion, I forget). That’s a lot of money even in Zimbabwe dollars. People donated, even the poor gave the little they could. This was only the second time in my Kenyan life to witness masses of my fellow countrymen and women brought together and act as one. I mean people joyfully gave! It was a good campaign, it felt to me like a contest of who gave more. One was almost compelled to send cash since it seemed selfish and inconsiderate not to, especially when everyone else was doing it. It became a fad. Hypocritical. I’m inclined to think some people gave for themselves and not for the hungry, just so they could sleep well at night after seeing the devastating images on the nine o’clock news, neutralizing the guilt knowing they did something. But they gave nonetheless.

I say if you want to give then start with the needy that are close to you and make it a habit. And the most you can give is not just money, its the love and hope you give to another human being. I trust its what led this blogger to start a campaign to raise money for her friend who needs money for a new lower jaw. It is to me a good place to start this habit, where are all the good people at? The update so far here. I wish Savvy and her friend all the best.

PS: This blog’s third anniversary is this month, traditionally I drop a tiny post to celebrate it. But this short note is just fine for this year :-). Your good wishes are now welcome. *ululation*

Hello, Do You Read Me?

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Picture of Books In a Pile

Ladder of Knowledge

If you are Kenyan and you read books, you probably have poor reading habits in my book, don’t take it personal it’s just a personal opinion. After about two days of contemplating what I should write about to make my much anticipated comeback to the blogosphere (I have fans who read me, what?), and because I just finished reading a book I would describe as quiet riveting, I decided I might as well teach folks good reading habits. Here are my fundamentals that I think everyone should abide by;

1. Ditch The Novel

Rule number one, if it’s a novel it’s a waste of time! You get much pleasure when you read but once you close the book there’s not much to show for it. It’s not how much you read, it’s what you read, can I get an amen? Okay, so you read for pleasure only, see that right there; that’s a bad habit. I do not refute, there are some good novels worth reading like I read Paulo Coelho again recently, good read, there is something more to gain than just pleasure in some of these novels but if you make novels your habit, you know what kind it’s going to be.

Novels’ shortcoming for a curious individual like me is that I’m compelled to take everything that the author writes as is. Whenever I ask myself ‘why?’, the answer is always going to be because the author wrote so. If you were anything like me in my reading habits, you would like to at least be presented with empirical evidence from real life experiences to make the fiction live, impossible! Fiction is dead, it cannot come to life. In a novel, even if the made-up story is credible, does it not make you wonder if things would happen in that exact sequence in real life? We probably will never know! And that might be my own bad habit, I always want to know.

2. Practice What You Read

You read something, test it. It will make you feel empowered and a better person. If it fails the test, dump it. On to the next. Wise men said; don’t believe everything you read, take a moment and digest this. In this era, it’s so easy to get a hold of a good book, one humongous reason why I’m glad to be living in it. Life is short, learn as much as you can, explore. There is no where a book cannot take you… I know, that sounds corny.

In the news this week, a woman was killed in a stampede in a Johannesburg university while scrambling for a chance to register for the limited spots (I guess they have not yet discovered online registration), that same day a debate was broadcasted on BBC’s World Have Your Say seeking to answer the question: is university education a privilege or a right? {To listen to that broadcast, download the podcast here, it had Kenyan contributors who misrepresented us (Kenyans) from my vantage point, the catch is that that particular podcast is available for download only for 7 days from the 10th of January 2012} It was interesting to note that education meant different things to different people, others considered online education as second class.. if not third, others considered education without certification as no education at all, check this story of students getting university education that they will not be credited for, they call it Freedom University. My point: when you read, you learn. And when you learn, it’s for your own development in the different facets of life. When you develop you become a better person because you think and understand things better, and there is some education for you.

3. Self-help Scrolls

Don’t even get me started, I’ll start by myself. Books that help you help yourself, read them in private and avoid sharing them with everyone. There may not be anything intrinsically wrong with these books, except for the fact that they can sometimes sap the excitement out of life by pointing out where the pitfalls are (or might be), I mean, noble but boring. But being spotted reading them is rather an admission of weakness, which is different and has nothing to do with the actual presence or absence of the said weakness. It’s like using a dating service.


This week I learned about independent candidature in Kenyan politics, excuse my ignorance but I just recently learned that to vie for the position of  MP or senator, the constitution does not necessarily require you to  be a member of a political party. Well, I’d like to see an independent candidate win an election, that would be something to watch.

Today I remembered an awkward time during my high school days, I was in the company of two of my high school friends when we bumped into my mother, after she had left one of them told the other “His mom is hot!” I mean, what do you say to that? Awkward indeed. *shaking head vigorously*

Happy new readers!

When God Interferes

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If there exists anything as a tussle between the almighty God and the devil over who wins over the most souls then God is not playing fair, and it’s all to our advantage. I used to think; well God did His part- he created everything, now He seats back in His throne watching down over us waiting for judgement day to unleash His wrath upon those who sin against Him. But the choice to do good or evil is entirely upon us, yet sometimes we do that we which our hearts do not desire to do just because we are entrapped in sin (the work of the devil perhaps), right? And sometimes God gets sick of it and can’t take it anymore so he swoops in and delivers us from evil, if you are willing. And that’s when I see the devil crying foul rushing before God’s presence like- he was totally going to give in to the temptations if it weren’t for your meddling, it’s not fair! Didn’t you give them freewill?

If God were fair… to the devil, He wouldn’t have sent His only son to die for us (if you believe in the Bible like I do) and we would all go to hell! Frankly, I think that’s what sinners deserve, I deserve hell but God said no! I’m going to make a way for Wyndago to be redeemed, I can’t let him go to waste. And why? I have no desire to understand it further than to just know that He loves me, period. Of what use am I to God? Ptch, I have been redeemed and there is way for me to be made pure of my sins, that’s all I need to know.

God interfered in my life, He probably has many times but this time I was conscious about it being the hand of God at work. I was ensnared by the devil and right when I was about to give in the fight He showed- true story. He said, you need to think this through and come back to your senses, you’re only going to hurt yourself and I’m not going to be there for you when choose to go down that road, kinda like what He did with Saul, I mean Paul… the guy who killed Christians, that one. Then the devil went like “arrgh, drat, not again! Are we having a contest or not?” Thank God we are not Job, that man had it bad.

I apologize for going all church on you on this one, but it is what it is. There is only one way to live, the sooner you find out how the better for you… forever. Or maybe I shouldn’t be sorry for this, okay I am… probably, maybe.

No Secret

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There is a reason why we act the way we act when we react to actions when we actually reenact what we saw, thought or the notions we received telepathically. So by default it’s not your fault when you fall, its only nature taking its course. Freewill is a recourse few are willing to call on, choosing to adopt opinion and thoughts already thought up. It makes me sick to my stomach to encounter a rigid and stiff thoughter, no I mean thinker, who embraces his ignorance as the truth and accepts mediocrity as the real. Feel? I mean you feel me? Put yourself under the lens, identify the disease-causing germs then seize them by the arm, excuse me, by the erm… just seize them ‘fore they harm you! I act the way I act because I think the way I think, so I chose what to believe but yet I seek more to believe in. I’m cautious as I live, I’m courteous to my peers, I’m counting down my years, I’m reckless and sincere, but imperatively I am here!

Less stress my code, no worries ’bout nada shit pays a visit I let it talk to my God. That’s my lawyer my all that takes care of my living, if I need something it’s no problem at all. I don’t know the whole truth yet though, I handle one day at a go. Until that day when I have I have to go. I gave sacrifice of half a goat, the skies opened and it poured, had to build a boat. This is not your regular post this is a poem written in continuous prose. Now you see me now you don’t, that’s The Synctum‘s blog. I take a break but bounce right back in it.

I feel restless now that I’m all lawyered up, I just set the ladder against the wall. What’s breaking a couple of laws and having a few records? Flying without wings and being the first to do it meanwhile the devil heckles. A free spirit, happy-go-lucky individuals that won’t take no for an answer. We are not go-getters, we just show up to receive, no secret. I’m just part of the team so I play my part. I sit and wallow in my thoughts for hours thinking about how this whole world is ours. How lives are just like smoke when they fast disappear in thin air, does it make any sense?

That hard-headed maverick, screw what you thought.

Synctum Blogging 101

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I like to write and it needs no telling but it just seems to me like a great post starter for this one so brace yourselves for how I’m about to bless you with another one of my pieces. In my eyes, there is a huge difference in my writing style (at least in the blogging arena) from when I began to write here, I think I found a plausible reason to keep writing here. I don’t write for the readers but I write with the readers in mind. I write because I find pleasure in organizing my thoughts and delivering them in a coherent and sometimes poetic fashion by use of the written word, that’s all. I admit, I am enthused every time I get new readers or my traffic stats hits a triple digit number in a day, but it doesn’t upset me when that does not happen. However, I love my readers regardless, lol.

So when I open the ‘Add New Post’ page I come in with a lot of zest and the sight of the page alone is a motivator. It speaks to me, it says Wyndago this is it, this is your playground begin to play. Most times I don’t know what I’m going to write about, I just open the page and stare. Countless ideas jet through my mind and I grab one and go with it, developing it as I go. Few times do I show up on my playground with things to write about in mind. Albeit I have noticed that when I have an idea of a post, it may not go away until I unleash it, the one you are reading now is one of them.

Over the years I have been blogging I formulated rules for myself along the way to guide me in my blogging. I compare myself with me so I don’t know about the rest, these are just my thoughts so please no lawsuits, lol. Ever since I found myself at the epicenter of controversy on Twitter I’m bound to be cautious about what I say in public but that’s a story for another day. Without any further ado, here are my blogging 101 tips, for me by me;

1. Keep It Short

This has been evident in most of my posts. This I came up with because I realized how hard it is to capture and hold on to a reader’s attention for long. That reader is me. I see myself when I read other blogs, for the long ones I can’t help scrolling down every now and then in the middle of reading just to check if the end is near. I want the reader to catch the concept of what I’m saying fast so he can move on to the next blog, he most likely has a long list of better blogs to read and less time at his disposal. But this is a nice blog to read no doubt about that, I know because I write it but you know what I mean. This keeping it brief tip is also convenient for me because I’m lazy and lack the patience to write a long one. I have something to say so I just want to blabber it out at once so I reckon it serves both me and the reader fine. I allow myself a range of 530-700 words per post.

2. Keep Your Private Life Private

I am careful not to reveal too much, this I started not too long ago. When I was growing up people used to have diaries, now they have blogs. I kept a diary too but I don’t want my blog to become my diary but rather a medium where I can dump my not-so-private thoughts and at the same time share them. A place to share my point of view and get feedback… that sounds about right I think.

3. Say Something

I fail at this sometimes but the idea is to have a theme and surround the whole post around it without being distracted into digressing to something else. I basically strive to have some sort of message or notion that I want to put across.

4 Break The Rules Occasionally

I had to throw this one somewhere because I’m past the 700 word mark. I do break the rules at times and that is part of the rules.

5. Have A Photo On Your Post

The rule says; thou shall have a photo on each post but ye is allowed up to two consecutive posts without photos after which the third one will by any means have a photo. This is to ensure that the homepage does not miss at least a photo at any given time since The Synctum displays three posts at a time, for aesthetic value.

Photos shall at all times be relevant. The rule goes ahead to state that; thou shall not have a white person’s photo on a post that is distinctively Kenyan, strictly for pertinence reasons, not racist. Talking about road rage on Kenyan roads and displaying a picture of a bunch of white folks squabbling in a traffic jam is rather conflicting to me (no pun intended). On that note, it is fair to add that photos of black people, let alone African, are hard to find on the internet if they are not celebrities.

That’s blogging 101 for you.

Offended? Take A Deep Breath

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Once upon a time I used to have anger management issues; a politically correct way of saying I used to have a bad temper. Then I decided it’s not healthy and stopped throwing tantrums cold turkey. Although I must admit it felt so satisfying every time I let all that emotion out in a gush but having said that I’m also of the opinion that such behavior is a characteristic of weak personalities. It renders a person downright self-destructive.

But anger is just one emotion. We have to deal with a spectrum of emotions as human beings, we are special by virtue of having the capability to feel. However, it is the duty of each one of us to control and tame our feelings and to me the best way is to figure out what things trigger which emotions to yourself. It’s an enduring education of self. There’s something about descriptively knowing your adversary that gives you power over it/him/her. Anyway, if I could summarize this post in one sentence I’d say; try not to allow your emotions to dictate how you make your arguments or judgements.

Some people would say I like to argue, I say I like to debate. I would like to believe there is a difference. For this reason I’m always massively disappointed when I enter into a debate with someone who because of their emotions wouldn’t allow reason to be the basis for their arguments anymore, and worse still, not be aware of this themselves. I have been wrong many times, I have lost many debates and gave in (as embarrassing as it may be sometimes), I have caught myself in the dilemma of having to choose between fact or feeling, I’m just thankful that over time I’ve learned how to tell the difference. Take for example the controversial subject of homosexuals and their rights, a homophobic will naturally argue against but it shouldn’t be so natural. I just want people to be able to say- I don’t like or even approve of what they do but they are entitled to this or that because of that and this.

Please do not be mad at me because I hold a different view from yours. Please do not hate me for that, if it’s a stupid opinion to hold you would do me more good to enlighten me because it would be definitely because I am under informed. I am more than willing to learn new truths. Please do not resort to calling me names because you don’t sound so convincing to me, you will lose your credibility in my eyes and hence the chance to rescue me from my ignorance and then what would be the point of the debate in the first place? You are better off quietly leaving me to rot in my ignorance. The point is to learn from each other and sometimes from ourselves when we trigger thoughts and ideas in each others’ minds, is it not?

If I ever offend you just take a deep breath to calm down. Hold your tongue before you say something profane, it will pass like a wave then you’ll be able to be reasonable again for the purpose of the debate. That’s what I do but I won’t tell you how it’s worked out for me so far though… 🙂